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Update on Groves Legacy Site


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May 6, 2024

Fergus, ON… The old Groves Memorial Community Hospital (GMCH) in Fergus, ON will enter the final phase of demolition starting the week of May 13, 2024.

Last year, GMCH received approval from the Ontario Ministry of Health (MoH) to demolish the old hospital building at 235 Union Street in Fergus, ON. Over the past several months, decommissioning work has occurred, including abatement and removal of interior walls and electrical and mechanical elements.

“The final phase of the demolition work should take a couple of months,” explains Joe Grasso, senior project manager, GMCH. “This will include dismantling both by hand and using mechanical excavators. Demolition will begin outside the building footprint and work inward. All efforts will be made to reduce the noise and dust. Work will occur within the allowable defined time per the Township’s by-laws. Signage and fencing will be displayed to make all pedestrians aware of the dangers. The demolition will not impact the trees located on the old property.”

“Discussions about the future of the property, post the completion of the demolition work, are in progress and evolving,” shares Angela Stanley, president and CEO, GMCH. “At this stage, it is anticipated that the property will be sold once the former hospital building is removed. The purchaser would then initiate the planning approval process, aligning with their vision for the site's future use. However, the decision on the property's sale is still under discussion and is subject to the Ministry of Health's approval.”

Commemorative activities will take place after the demolition to mark the building site, and information will be shared with the community as this information becomes available.


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Groves Memorial Community Hospital (GMCH) recently received approval from the Ontario Ministry of Health (MoH) to proceed with the demolition the old hospital building located on 235 Union Street in F


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