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Volunteer Opportunities

Groves Hospital Volunteer Association strives to make your volunteer experience a positive one.

The hospital environment offers a variety of volunteering experiences ranging from assistance with patient care to administrative functions to fundraising initiatives. Whether you would like to use existing skills or develop new ones, make new friendships or support our local community hospital, we would love to have you on our team!

Volunteer Positions at the hospital:

  • Gift Shop 

  • Wayfinding

  • Day Surgery

  • Diagnostic Imaging 

  • Board positions

  • HELP (Hospital Elder Life Program)

  • Emergency Room

Volunteer Positions at the Fergus New to You Store:

  • Pre-sort Area

  • Departmental Sorting (i.e. Clothing, Sports, Toys, and many more)

  • Front Store Floaters

  • Cashiers

  • Auction

  • Maintenance

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are very special and generous people, dedicating their unique talents, time and caring attitudes. Volunteers bring a special something to the life of a community.

Our 250 volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and life experiences and each brings something unique and necessary to the work of the Association. Every member is valued and recognized. Groves Hospital Volunteer Association volunteers, people of all ages, give over 32,000 hours of service annually to our community hospital.

Reasons for volunteering vary from person to person and may include:

  • The desire to help others

  • To gain experience in a hospital setting

  • Make new friendships

  • Use or develop skills

  • Obtain references

  • Experience for your resume

  • Opportunity to give back to the community 

Whatever your reason, Groves Hospital Volunteer Association appreciates your contributions.

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